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Molten Tone Reforge $200

Pickup Hot Swap $50

Get your favorite guitar to better than new again.

  • All hardware and electronics removed from guitar for full body and neck cleaning and buffing

  • Frets cleaned and fingerboard hydrated

  • All routing cavities shielded with copper tape for less noise in your signal

  • All new pots and input jack installed

  • Custom wiring at setup (only limited by electronics on guitar)

  • Guitar fully setup and tested upon reassembly


This is the perfect opportunity to make your guitar exactly what you have always dreamed. You can provide the special hardware and electronics that you have in mind, or you can just tell us what you want and we can supply. This is a great route to go because sometimes we can actually save you some additional money on parts by getting all the parts at the same time. 

Top Add-ons and upgrades:

  • Pickups (One of the best upgrades you can do if you want to completely change your tone. We personally love Fishman Fluence pickups for their clarity and versatility and usually keep some in stock)

  • Push-pull pots (allow coil splitting, phase switching, 7 selector mod, etc)

  • Selector switch (Super switches are awesome for highly customizable positions, and something like a freeway switch can easily double your options available)

  • Tuning Machines (New tuners or a set of locking tuners can really improve the tuning stability and feel of your guitar. We personally love the hipshot locking tuners for this, they make changing strings incredibly easy and they hold their tuning very well.)

  • Bridge (Hipshot makes fantastic after market bridges if you want or need an upgrade)

Direct replacement with no wiring modifications. i.e. we just need to swap out the old wires with the new wires. 

+$10 per extra pickup on same guitar (max $70 for HSH HSS and SSS configurations) 

+$25 for custom wiring with existing pots/switches

+$40 for custom wiring with new electronics + cost of electronics


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